Micki Mills has served as a paralegal with Collins Cockrel & Cole since 1988, following service to several other Colorado law firms since 1980; and received her Paralegal Certificate in 1991. In addition to substantial work in all aspects of real estate, statutory compliance, inclusions, exclusions, district formations and dissolutions, and most other aspects of special district law, Micki is recognized throughout the State for her work in local government elections of all types and training of election officials. Micki speaks regularly at the SDA Annual Conference and assists in training webinars for both the Special District Association and the Division of Local Government of the Department of Local Affairs. Micki also served as a member of the Interjurisdictional Election Issues Committee and assists the Special District Association in the drafting or review of election legislation.

Micki has been a long-time Lakewood resident and currently shares space with a French Bulldog named Romeo. Her favorite activities include playing in the mountains, hiking, traveling (especially road trips to National Parks) and getting through her Bucket List. Micki will always claim that her proudest accomplishment was raising her twin sons, Cahn and Cole.