We work to protect and distribute one of Colorado’s most precious, natural commodities.

We are specialists in water rights and assist clients with acquiring, evaluating and adjudicating new water rights, as well as protecting existing water rights. We are involved in all phases of water rights litigation, from out-of-court negotiations all the way to participating in Colorado Supreme Court proceedings. Our clients include both governmental entities and private parties who own, or are looking to obtain or sell water rights.  

Our attorneys include a former hydrologist and engineer, allowing us to provide a comprehensive approach to all legal aspects of water rights. We can assist with complex augmentation and replacement plans, changes of water rights, as well as statewide and local issues confronting water users on the East Slope, West Slope, and within smaller regions of Colorado. Our successes include navigating administrative and water accounting disputes with the State Engineer, obtaining state and federal permits for water projects, and completing numerous purchase and sale transactions involving water rights and related property rights.

We also regularly participate in legislative efforts involving water law to effect positive change for our clients as an alternative to litigation.

Current clients include:

  • Consolidated Mutual Water Company
  • Evergreen Metropolitan District
  • La Plata Archuleta Water District
  • Town of LaSalle
  • Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District
  • Snowstorm Sand & Gravel Company
  • South Suburban Park & Recreation District