We help to ensure safe, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities which are essential to the health of communities and the environment.

We work with new and long-established water, sanitation and stormwater drainage providers throughout Colorado. Clients include large and small, urban and rural, and public and private providers. Our work with special district, municipal and private entity providers regularly includes:

  • Organizing, assisting in start-up, and ongoing legal representation;
  • Preparing service agreements, rules and regulations, and service standards and specifications;
  • Obtaining and protecting water rights, water storage rights, plans for augmentation, substitute supply plans, and well permits;
  • Assisting with rate analysis and rate-setting proceedings;
  • Negotiating and drafting complex financing and construction contracts for water, wastewater and drainage collection, distribution, storage, and treatment and discharge infrastructure;
  • Securing necessary easements, rights of way, and other property interests; and
  • Permitting and ensuring ongoing compliance with Clean Water Act, Drinking Water Act, and other State and Federal regulatory requirements.
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Current clients include:

  • Centennial Water and Sanitation District
  • Cherry Creek Village Water District
  • The Consolidated Mutual Water Company
  • Deer Creek Water District
  • Eagle River Water and Sanitation District
  • Evergreen Metropolitan District
  • Fort Collins-Loveland Water District
  • La Plata Archuleta Water District
  • South Fort Collins Sanitation District
  • Upper Thompson Sanitation District
  • Wheat Ridge Sanitation District
  • Widefield Water & Sanitation District
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