Plan for growth or gain mutual cooperation through the creation of an authority via intergovernmental agreements.

When existing local governments need to more efficiently provide one or more of their governmental services, facilities or programs, creation of an authority by intergovernmental agreement (IGA) is often a reasonable solution. Common types of authorities include 911 centers, regional water authorities, and fire authorities. Authorities can be created as long-term government service providers, or may be the first step towards a complete and permanent unification of two or more local governments into a single entity. Our experience and representation extends to both forms of authorities.

We serve as general counsel in the formation and ongoing representation of authorities that provide a variety of continuing governmental services, and have also advised local governments through the formation of an authority as the first step towards consolidation of two or more entities. We understand the unique circumstances of the governance of an authority, and can assist in drafting the creation agreement/IGA and bylaws for the Board of Directors, guide you through inclusion, election and dissolution procedures to consolidate two or more entities, and advise on all ongoing general personnel, contract, budget, and fiscal matters.

Authorities we currently represent include:

  • Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority
  • Clear Creek Fire Authority
  • Douglas County Emergency Telephone Service Authority
  • El Paso-Teller County 911 Authority
  • Gilpin Ambulance Authority
  • Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom)
  • Roaring Fork Fire Authority
  • Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Authority
  • Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority