Special districts, municipalities, authorities, and other governmental entities provide valuable services to their communities.

They also face a complex web of state and federal laws that influence everything from their conduct of meetings, to personnel, financing and election decisions.

Closing the gap.

At Collins, Cockrel & Cole we work to help local governments navigate the legal requirements in order to fill the gaps in services, service levels, and funding that may exist in communities. We work with our clients to find innovative solutions to their complex problems.

Our understanding of the issues and laws faced by governmental entities is as varied as the types of entities we assist, which include:

  • Title 32 Special Districts
    • Ambulance
    • Fire protection
    • Health service
    • Metropolitan
    • Sanitation
    • Water
    • Health Assurance
    • Park and Recreation
    • Water
  • Municipalities
  • Special Improvement Districts, Local Improvement Districts
  • Urban Renewal Authorities
  • Governmental Authorities
  • Library Districts
  • Cemetery Districts
  • Conservation Districts
  • 911, Dispatch & Emergency Communications Centers