Helping clients realize their development goals.

Special districts are widely used as a financing mechanism for public infrastructure and to assist with or manage constructing, operating and maintaining public infrastructure, facilities and services. Financing public infrastructure is often done through the issuance of tax-exempt debt repaid through property taxes and/or fees imposed upon the property.

We work with landowners, developers, investors and builders through all phases of the development process on the realization of their financial and development goals through the organization and ongoing representation of different types of special districts. We have organized special districts for all types and sizes of development and redevelopment, from large scale commercial, residential and mixed-use master planned communities to smaller infill projects.

We also specialize in due diligence related to real property acquisitions. When property is located within one or more special districts, urban renewal authorities, business improvement districts and other governmental entities, we can help clients to understand the potential impacts, both positive and negative, on the private business deal and how to best protect the buyer’s goals during transition of the project. This due diligence allows our clients to better evaluate the impacts of the taxing entity and make informed business decisions related to the purchase and/or development potential of a property.

We  organize and structure business improvement districts (BIDs), general improvement districts (GIDs), special improvement districts (SIDs), as well as tax increment financing (TIF) and public improvement fee (PIF) financing deals, with and without special district components.