Local Government Revenue and Finance

CCC assists its Special District and Municipal clients in all aspects of revenue and financing matters. In the area of revenue, the Firm regularly advises clients regarding authorizing and administering property, sales, and real estate transfer taxes; service fees and rates; and implementation of the TABOR Amendment to the Colorado Constitution, including TABOR enterprise qualifications.

CCC is involved in an average of twenty bond issues per year, including general obligation and revenue bonds, tax anticipation notes, private activity bonds and lease-purchase financings. The Firm serves as Issuer’s Counsel to the local government issuing the bonds, structuring the bond details, rates, costs and covenant requirements. CCC does not serve as bond, disclosure or tax counsel. CCC is listed in the Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace (the Redbook) and is thoroughly experienced in seeking voter approvals and coordinating financing activities between public entities, special bond counsel and bond underwriters. The Firm regularly assists with direct placement of debt, yielding lower interest rates and lower costs of issuance, including working with financial advisors.

As an alternative to debt financing, CCC regularly assists Special District and Municipal clients with lease—purchase financing. The Firm reviews and drafts lease-purchase agreements to comply with statutory and TABOR requirements, as well as the practical needs of the individual client.

CCC works with numerous grant and loan programs, including the Conservation Trust Fund, Energy/Mineral Impact Fund, Gaming Impact Fund, Highway Users Trust Fund, Volunteer Firefighter State Contributions, Community Development Block Grants, Colorado State Forest Service grants, Colorado Water and Power Development Authority grant and loan programs, and Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency grant programs.

CCC applies its financing knowledge with its substantial experience with governmental operations to assist with creative refinancings, work-outs, restructurings, municipal bankruptcy, and other financial challenges to achieve financial stability in difficult times.

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